Parks and Amenities

Enjoy the beauty of Manor Township by visiting one of our many parks listed below.  For a full list of parks including their amenities (Click Here)

Enola Low Grade Rail Trail, 2459 River Rd, Washington Boro, PA 17582

Creswell Park, 3103 River Rd, Conestoga, PA 17516

Greider Park, 306 Dickinson Ave, Lancaster, PA 17603

Herr Park, 176 Ironstone Ridge Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603     Walking Map

Manor Township Community Park (Charlestown Park), 2670 Charlestown Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603

Manor View Park (Eagle Heights), 204 Acorn Ln, Mountville, PA 17554

Washington Boro Park, 2010 River Rd, Washington Boro, PA 17582

Woods Edge Park, 250 S. Centerville Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603

Blue Rock Park, 3000 Blue Rock Rd, Lancaster, PA 17603

Pavilion Reservations

Residents can rent pavilions at any of the following Manor Township parks- Greider (two different pavilions – Pavilion  #1 & Goodhart), Charlestown (three different pavilions- Hovis, Shenk or Strickler), Blue Rock Park (Breneman), Washington Boro, Creswell or Woods Edge. Pavilions are rented on a first come, first serve basis and reservations are accepted beginning the first business day of the New Year at a cost of $40 ($125 for non-residents).  NOTE: The pavilions at Greider and Manor Township Community Park can only be reserved weekdays after 4PM during the Township’s Summer Playground in the Park Program. Reservations will still be taken on the weekends.

Contact the Manor Township office with reservations or questions at (717)397-4769.

To view pictures of the pavilions, click the appropriate one:

Pavilion #1          Goodhart          C-Hovis          C-Shenk          C-Strickler           Washington Boro          Wood’s Edge          Creswell          Breneman Pavilion

Park Rules & Regulations

For a complete list of park rules and regulations, click here.


To reserve a field, fill out the Field Request Form

Listed below are guidelines to help keep Manor Township’s athletic fields, safe, high quality places to play.   The Manor Township Public Works will continue to take care of any major work that needs to be done to the fields. Your help with minimal repairs after your game or practice is greatly appreciated.  Please try to leave the field the way you would like to find it when you arrive to play.  Any major problems you encounter with field conditions should be directed to Mark Harris, Public Works Director at (717) 397-4769 or e-mail  Thanks for your help.

Baseball/Softball Fields

  • If it is too wet to play, don’t! If you can leave footprints on the infield due to wetness, it’s too wet. Using the ball field when it’s too wet ruins the grade of the infield, makes “bad hop” holes, and compacts the soil in the turf areas.
  • Rake loose Diamond-tex back into holes at home plate, bases, baselines, pitcher bar, and infielder positions after playing.
  • Some fields will have hand drags available to do some light dragging after your practice/game. If major dragging is needed and the equipment is available, go ahead and do it. Please don’t drag right up to the edge of the grass. A good rule of thumb is to stay about six inches (6″) away from the turf. Also, don’t drag the drag off the infield and into the grass when you’re done for the same reason. Pick it up and left it off the infield, rake the remnants back out. Please do not use your car or truck to drag the fields.
  • Please use paint rather than lime to put strips on the grass; lime builds up over time causing dead grass.
  • NEVER use herbicides of any kind on any field for any reason! Only licensed Manor Township personnel may do this. If there is a weed or grass problem, contact me.
  • Please remove bases and movable pitcher bars, replacing the anchor plugs when you’re done playing. Please clean out the anchor hole so that the plugs will be recessed at or below the playing surface. Let me know your pitcher bar and baseline lengths you’ll need and we’ll try to accommodate you for adjustable units. You shouldn’t have to remove any anchor plugs from the anchors that you’re not using. They are designed to stay below the infield surface so that they don’t interfere with play. If the plugs in the unused anchors are sticking up too high, pull them out, clean out the anchor hole, and replace them properly. We would like to get away from T-pin bases if possible. If you use T-pins, remove them when you’re done playing.
  • Please pick up all litter in the ball field area before you leave.

Soccer Fields

  • Please don’t play or practice on a wet field. Playing after it has recently rained, or while it’s raining, causes the soil to compact, causing a “hard” field when it dries. Also, grass will not grow well on compacted soil. Turf is much more likely to tear out when the soil is wet as well. Playing wet fields can ruin the grade of the field. This can keep surface water from naturally draining off to the sides, which in turn keeps the field wet longer and causes puddles.
  • In order to prevent excessive turf wear at the goal mouth areas, please consider using cones out to the side of the goal for goal shot practice. This can be done both for practice times and before games. Games are never the problem with goal mouth wear; practice is what causes the most wear. Better yet, set up the cones along a sideline or anywhere the turf is not worn too much. Off the playing area altogether is even better. Another idea if there’s room, turn the goal around and take goal shots from the area that would normally is behind the goal. Any little but you do will help greatly to keep the fields top notch.
  • When your event is over, it would be appreciated if a quick walk over the field would be done to replace any divots that have popped up. Since part of the soccer season is played during times of the year that are not optimum for turf growth, and none of the fields are irrigated, sod can become easily torn out during normal play. Any help you can give replacing divots will make the fields safer for all.
  • Please use paint rather than lime to put strips on the grass; lime builds up over time causing dead grass.
  • NEVER use herbicides of any kind on any field for any reason! Only licensed Manor Township personnel may do this. If there is a weed or grass problem, contact me.
  • Please pick up all litter in the field area before you leave (this includes orange peels).
  • Please park only in designated parking areas, not on turfed or landscape areas.