On-Lot Sewage & Disposal System Information

This information only applies to residents within Manor Township who have on lot systems. If you are on a public system, such as Lancaster City’s or LASA’s, please disregard.

To view the actual ordinance, click here.

Some FAQ’s are as follow:

  • Do I have to use your pumper/hauler? You must use a pumper/hauler approved by the Township.  They are listed on this webpage. There is no charge for them to be an approved pumper/hauler.
  • How often must I pump out? Everyone must pump out at least every 3 years. However, upon receiving notification, residents with only 3 people can opt to pump out every 4 years and residents with only 2 or less people can opt to pump out every 5 years.
  • Is there an additional cost for the Township to oversee this program? Yes. It is $5 and will be collected by the pumpers/haulers at the time of inspection.
  • If I was pumped out in the last 3 years, will that be when the clock starts or does it begin 1/1/2012? If you provide a manifest proving a pump out in the last 3 years, we will honor that as of the date of your last pump out.

List of approved pumper/haulers:

Business NamePhone
Bakers Septic Service 717-367-7271
Bauman’s Septic Tank Cleaning 717-469-2463
Blue Star Septic Service 717-449-4844
Devonshire Septic Systems 717-786-1998
Enviro-Clean Septic Services 717-927-1714
FINS Environmental Service, LLC 717-284-5228
Frank Sears Sanitation, LLC 717-442-8609
John Kline Septic Services 717-898-2333
Kauffman’s Septic Systems 717-367-8228
Kline’s Septic Service 717-898-8158
Peters Septic Tank Pumping 717-786-1454
Septic Solutions 717-529-0931
Sharp Septic Services 717-951-8471
Snyder Mylin Septic Service 717-284-0303
Sonco LLC717-738-1917
Sonlight Services 717-738-2149
Thomas H Erb & Sons, Inc 717-626-5591
Walter M Strohl 717-733-2339
Walters Environmental Service, Inc. 866-423-4545
William Davis & Son 717-284-3688