Frequently Asked Questions


Question: I would like to talk to someone about my Comcast Bill.

Manor Township Municipal allows Comcast to operate within the Township’s limits and therefore Comcast puts our phone number on their bills to you (seemingly very close to the information stating where to call with questions!)  However, we do not have access to billing information. Their number is 1-800-266-2278.

Question: I have a problem with my landlord and I would like to talk to someone.

We do not get involved in landlord-tenant issues, however you can call the Lancaster Housing Opportunity Partnership and they will point you in a helpful direction. Their number is 717-291-9945.

Question: I have a question about my taxes.

Tax issues are not handled by Manor Township. Please call the Lancaster County Treasurer’s office at 717-299-8222.

Question: Where do I go to vote?

Please visit the Lancaster County website for information about polling locations:

Question: There is a road sign down on my street. Who do I call?

Please call the Manor Township Office at 717-397-4769 or email


Question: How do I rent a pavilion at a Manor Township Park?

Permits are issued April thru October at the Manor Township Municipal Office. Cost for the rental is $40/day for residents and $75/day for non-residents.

To reserve a pavilion please call 717-397-4769.

Question: Are pavilion rental fees refundable due to inclement weather or other issues?

No, the pavilion rental fee is not refundable.

Question: Can I bring a DJ or Bounce House to use at the park when I rent a pavilion?

No, the electrical outlet is not equipped to provide the amount of energy needed to power either of these things.  You may bring a small radio as long as you’re considerate to others in the park.


Question: Do I need a permit to put up a fence?

In short, the answer is no. The ordinance states that no fences or walls shall be erected to a height of more than 3’ in the front yard and no more than the height of 6’ in any other yard, must be out of the right-of-way, and within an agricultural, rural or residential zone. No electric fence shall be permitted on a principal residential lot, unless the residence is part of a farm. Please see ordinance for full details.

Question: I want to add a shed to my property. Do I need a permit?

Yes, you will need to complete a Building Permit application and submit it to the Township with a plot plan for approval. The structure must be 5’ away from the property line.  You can find the application on our website or stop into the Manor Township office Monday-Friday from 8-4:30.


Question: When does leaf collection start?

Leaf collection runs yearly from October to the first week of December.  Our website will be updated at the beginning of October each year with the official start.  You can find this information on our website under the “Public Works” tab.

Question: Where can I dispose of my Christmas tree?

There are four drop-off locations in Manor Township – Charlestown, Greider, Washington Boro and Creswell parks. There is no service charge and you are able to start dropping off on December 26th. The program runs until mid-January. To place your tree at one of these locations, they must be free of ornaments, lights and tinsel. You are also required to remove plastic bags as well as covers and dispose of them properly.

Question: It’s snowing! When will you begin to plow?

Each storm will dictate how plowing is implemented and what adjustments need made. At the start of a storm, all trucks are sent out to their assigned areas to spread salt and anti-skid material. We generally start plowing after 2” of accumulation.


Question: Where can I get a yard waste pass?

Manor Township and the Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority have partnered to help Manor Township residents manage their yard waste. Manor Township residents can take their yard waste to the landfill on River Road free of charge.  Residents must pick up a pass from the Manor Township office prior to going to the landfill.

Question: Where can I get a new, green recycling bin?

The Manor Township municipal office located at 950 West Fairway Drive has recycle bins available for $2. The office is open Monday-Friday, 8-4:30.

Question: Do I need to notify the Township of which trash hauler I selected?

No; as long as it’s one of the approved trash haulers.  You can find the list under the “Administration” tab on the Manor Township website.

Question: Do I need to call the Township office to report that my sewage has been pumped?

No; if you’re using one of the approved haulers on our website then they will complete a report and send it to us after they have pumped your sewage.  You can find this list of approved haulers under the “Administration” tab on our website.