I received a citation (traffic or non-traffic), may I pay this at the Police Station?

A: No. Citations must be returned to the Magisterial District Judges office 02-2-06 which is located at 841 Stehman Road, Millersville, Pa. 17551 within 10 days of the date it was issued. You may contact the Judge’s Office during regular business hours by calling (717) 872-4361

I received a parking ticket. What do I do?

A: Parking Tickets (pink copy) are issued by Police Officers. Parking Tickets may be paid at the Manor Township office located at 950 West Fairway Drive, Lancaster PA 17603 either in person or by mail.  Prompt payment (within 48 hours) will help you avoid increased penalties.

When am I required to use headlights?

A: Effective January 29, 2007, drivers are now required to use their headlights anytime their windshield wipers are in operation. Specifically, Section 4302(a)(3) of the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code states that headlights are required: “Any time when the vehicle’s windshield wipers are in continuous or intermittent use due to precipitation or atmospheric moisture, including rain, snow, sleet or mist.” In addition to the above change, headlights are required between sunset and sunrise and anytime an operator cannot discern a person or vehicle upon a highway from a distance of 1000 feet due to insufficient light or unfavorable atmospheric conditions (i.e. rain, snow, fog, sleet, smoke, etc.). You should also be aware that daytime running lamps are not considered headlights. If your headlights are on, then the other vehicle lighting will be on too (i.e. taillights and other marker lights as required).

When do I need to use a Child safety seat?

A: State law requires that children under the age of four (4) must be buckled into a federally-approved safety seat no matter where they ride in a motor vehicle – front or back seat. Additionally, any person that transports a child four (4) years of age or older, but under eight (8) years of age, anywhere in the motor vehicle shall secure the child with the seat belt and in an appropriately fitting child booster seat.

Can passengers ride in the bed of my pickup truck?

A: Persons 18 years of age and older may ride in the bed if the vehicle is driven at a speed of no more than 35 miles per hour. No child less than 18 years of age may ride in the bed at any speed. Certain exemptions exist for farm operations, hunting and parades.

Is open burning allowed in the Township?

A: Yes Manor Township Burn Ordinance

Does Manor Twp have a curfew?

A: Yes.  Township Ordinance has established that it shall be unlawful for any minor to be or remain in or upon any public highway, park or other public place within the Township, or in any enclosure or vehicle which is on or in close proximity to any such public place between the hours of 10 :00 p.m.-6 :00 a.m. Sunday-Thursday and 12:00 Midnight-6:00AM Friday and Saturday.


  • Minor is accompanied by a parent/guardian.
  • Minor is involved in an emergency.
  • Minor is engaged in activity related to his/her employment or is going or returning home from such activity without detour.
  • Minor is on the sidewalk directly abutting the place he/she resides with parent/guardian.
  • Minor is attending an activity sponsored by a school, religious or civic organization, by a public organization or agency or similar organization, which activity is supervised by adults, and/or minor is going to or returning directly from such an activity with no detour.

Does Manor Twp have a noise ordinance?

A: Yes. Manor Township Noise Ordinance

Does the Manor Twp Police Department have a ride along policy?

A: No. Because of liability concerns ride-alongs are generally not available to the public.

Does the Manor Twp Police Department accept stray/feral cats?

A: No, the Lancaster SPCA or ORCA may be called to handle stray/feral cats.

Does Manor Township have a noise ordinance that pertains to barking dogs?

A:  Yes, Section 6 B. of the Manor Township Noise Ordinance lists the prohibited acts and a violation of the ordinance lists discusses animals.  According to this section the following is declared to be a noise disturbance and therefore is in violation of this chapter: Owning, possessing, harboring, or controlling any animal which howls, barks, or makes other sounds continuously and/or incessantly for a period of 10 minutes or makes such noise intermittently for ½ hour or more to the disturbance of any person at any time of the day or night regardless of whether the animal is situated in or upon private property. However, if the animal is making such noise at a time in which a person is trespassing or threatening to trespass upon the private property in which the animal is situated, this is not a violation of this ordinance.

My neighbor often has loud parties at all hours of the day and night. Is this a violation of the noise ordinance and what is needed to prove the noise complaint?

A.  Yes. The noise ordinance Section A states that no person shall make, continue, or cause to be made, or cause to be continued any noise disturbance by any means, nor shall any person suffer, allow, or permit any noise disturbance, by any means, to be made or continued from or at any property, whether public or private, real or personal, that is subject to such person’s right to control. In order for a noise complaint to be found valid the officer must show that the noise disturbs two or more residents who are in general agreement as to the times and durations of the noise. These residents must reside in separate residences including apartments and condominiums located within the same building, located across a property line from the property in which the source of the noise is generated. Or by one resident across a property line in which the source of the noise is generated and is corroborated by the responding police officer.

Is it against the law to leave a child in the car alone, even for a few seconds?

A:  Yes. The Pennsylvania Vehicle Code (Section 3701.1) states that a child under 6 years of age shall not be left unattended in a vehicle while the vehicle is out of the operator’s sight and in unsafe circumstances.

I was pulled over and fined for my child not being in a car seat. Can the police officer pull me over just for that?

A:  Yes.  A child who is not in a safety seat is a primary vehicle code violation (Section 4851) therefore the police officer does not need another reason to stop you.  To follow are the sections regarding restraint systems:

Section 4581 (a)(1) states that every occupant under 4 years old must be in a safety seat used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Primary Violation, $75.00 fine plus court costs.

Section 4581 (a)(1.1) states that every occupant 4 years old to under 8 years old must be in a booster seat used in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. Primary violation, $75.00 fine plus court costs.

Section 4581 (a)(2)(i): States that every occupant 8 years old to under 18 years old must be in a seat belt.

Section 4581 (a)(2)(ii)-States that every driver and front seat passenger 18 years old and older must be in a seat belt.

My child just received their junior license. Are there any restrictions on this license?

A: Yes.  Young drivers who graduate to a junior license have satisfactorily completed all learners’ permit requirements, including the road test, but the following restrictions still apply:

  • Required sanctions for high-risk drivers under age 18: A young driver’s junior license will be suspended for 90 days if he or she accumulates six or more points or is convicted of a single high speed violation (driving 26 miles per hour or more over the posted speed limit).
  • Nighttime driving restriction begins at 11 p.m.: Even with a junior license, a young driver may not be behind the wheel between the hours of 11 p.m. and 5 a.m. Exceptions for employment and volunteer or charitable service will apply, but young drivers must carry proper documentation regarding their need to travel.
  • Passenger limitation: The number of passengers must not exceed the number of seat belts in the vehicle. This applies to all drivers under age 18.
  • You may not carry more than one (1) passenger under the age of 18 who is not an immediate family member unless one (1) of your parents or guardians is in the vehicle with you. After the first six (6)months of driving on a junior license, the limit is increased to no more than three (3) passengers under the age of 18 who are not immediate family members unless one (1) of your parents or guardians is in the vehicle with you. The increased limit does not apply to any junior driver who has ever been involved in a crash in which you were partially or fully responsible or who is convicted of any driving violation.