Manor Township Administrative Office

950 West Fairway Drive
Lancaster, PA 17603

Telephone: (717) 397-4769

Fax: (717) 397-7913

Hours of operation: 8am-4:30pm M-F

Nate Taggart, Manor Township Zoning Officer/Planner

Mark Deimler, Manor Township Sewage Enforcement Officer
(717) 786-0355

Commonwealth Code Inspection Service, Inc.
(CCIS), (717) 664-2347

The Zoning Officer is responsible for the enforcement of the Manor Township Zoning Ordinance, reviewing zoning/building applications, issuing zoning/building permits, and processing special exception, variance, conditional use, and appeal applications to the Manor Township Zoning Hearing Board.  The Zoning Officer also processes the Subdivision and Land Development plans for review by the Manor Township Planning Commission and the Manor Township Board of Supervisors.

For information pertaining to the Manor Township Zoning Hearing Board and the Manor Township Planning Commission, click here.

Areas of frequent concern:


The Township weed ordinance requires grass or weeds in excess of six (6) inches in height to be cut or removed on or before the first of each of the following months: May, June, July, August, September, and October of each and every year. The Township will prosecute for violations. This ordinance does not apply to grass or grain for purposes of harvesting. (Ordinance 4-2001)

Fire Protection

Smoke detectors are required to be installed in all rental units in each bedroom or any room used for sleeping accommodations.


Persons desiring to engage in door-to-door soliciting or peddling in the Township must first make application to the Township Police Department for a license.

Outdoor Stockpiling

No outdoor stockpiling of any material or outdoor storage of trash is permitted in the front yard. In any residential zone, the outdoor stockpiling of materials (except firewood) for more than one (1) year is prohibited.  Except as provided in Sections 434 and 449 of the Manor Township Zoning Ordinance, the outdoor accumulation of trash, garbage, refuse, or junk for a period exceeding fifteen days is prohibited.

Political/Election Signs

Please see Section 425 attachment 7 of the Manor Township Zoning Ordinance for temporary sign requirements.  Election signs are not to be displayed more than 60 days before an election and must be removed no later than 7 days after the election.