Street Parking Regulations

The Manor Township Police Department wants to remind all Township residents and guests that parking on Township streets is regulated by the Vehicle Code through the Township Ordinance Code, Chapter 15, Part 4 General Parking Regulations.

Because of the harsh weather and high snow fall amounts we had last winter, we are asking that all motorists remove their vehicles from the street before, or as soon as possible, after a snow fall.  In Section 406.B a vehichle is restricted from being “parked more than forty-eight (48) hours on any street or roadway” without being moved.

While the Police Department does not usually enforce this section vigorously, this is a violation that we do enforce after snow storms.  When vehicles are not moved off the streets, the snowplows cannot clean the roadways all the way to the curbs.  This is turn, makes the roadways narrower with each snow fall and subsuquent plowing.  Please do your best to clean off and move your vehicle within a reasonable amount of time after a snow fall.

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