Snow Removal

As winter approaches, please remember the following tips help allow our operators to be as efficient as possible:

  • DO NOT push or throw snow into the roadway at anytime.  This creates hazardous driving conditions and is a violation of both State and Township law.  Violators can be prosecuted.
  • Make sure your mailbox is secured tightly on a sturdy post.  Damage caused by plowed snow is the property owner’s responsibility.
  • Manor Township does not have a snow removal ordinance for sidewalks.  However, residents are encouraged to clear snow and ice from walks after plowing is completed.
  • If you must drive, do so at a minimal speed and give the snow plow operators plenty of room to do their work.  Remember, if you cannot see the mirrors of our truck, our drivers cannot see you.
  • Vehicles should be removed from the street so that operators can plow from curb to curb.  This allows melting snow to enter the drainage system and not pond and refreeze on the road.
  • Plowing cul de sacs can become more difficult when vehicles are parked on the street, due to limited space for snow to be pushed.
  • Place one or two stakes along the edge of your property to help the snow plow operator distinguish where the edge of the road and lawn meet.  The Township will not repair lawns damaged by snow plows if the lawns are not marked.

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