Compost for Sale

It’s been 26 years since Manor Township opened a leaf compost facility. Located at 2783 Charlestown Road (between South Centerville Road and Manor Boulevard), the site also receives leaves from neighboring municipalities and boroughs.

Once leaves are brought there, they are placed in rows for composting. Naturally occurring microorganisms found on leaves are primarily responsible for their composting.  However, there are several other factors that affect the rate of composting which include temperature, moisture and air.  Moisture is regularly monitored and maintained.  The rows are turned based on the temperature of the leaves, allowing more oxygen through the piles, which is necessary for decomposition.  Typically, leaves are finished composting in 8 months.

Once composting is complete, it is screened to remove any objects that have not been composted. The finished product is then offered to the general public at $10/cubic yard.